African Musician: Maciré Sylla

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Maciré Sylla

Maciré Sylla

Maciré Sylla is one of West Africa's leading voices. She is a citizen of the capital of Guinea. While being born in Conakry, Maciré spent several years of her childhood with her grandparents in the countryside. Her grandmother taught her the old songs giving her traditional roots and a musical legacy.

At a tender age, she entered the Soleil d'Afrique ballet and became after a few years, solo singer and dancer. She then joined the live line up of Fatala, the Guinean band who recorded for Peter Gabriel's Real World label.

Several tours in Europe and North America made Maciré feel that time had come to realize her own dreams and to pursue her own career which she did with already five albums : Mariama, Maya Irafama, Sarefi, Massa and the brand new one "Talitha".

Maciré Sylla sings mainly in the Soussou language, while the majority of singers from griot class (a West African poet, praise singer, and wandering musician) sing in the Malenke language. By giving a modern treatment to music and lyrics of Soussou origin, this “non-griots” of Basse-Côte enjoys an astonishing success in her country. Being herself from both side of the social spectrum, the city and the countryside, her aim is to make a fusion of those worlds. Her sound is eclectic, and brings in influences from reggae to electric pop music. Traditional instruments such as the Fulani flute and Mande guitar, combine with Macire's soulful voice and mix beautifully.> Maciré Sylla

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