Blog: Introducing "ICU"

Submitted by Zenaida April 19, 2012, 1:45 a.m.

Introducing "ICU"

Diverse, Dynamic, Young, Fresh and Raw are only a few words that would

describe ICU. One of the hottest and freshest music sensations welcomes you.

The group came together in 2009 by five dynamic young men that all hail

from the continent of Africa. Ranging from the ages 20-25, these up and

comers have a lot on their plate; writing, producing, singing, rapping,

performing, and dancing and in the mean time maintaining their grades at

the University of Johannesburg. Group members Marc, Edgar, Guy, Ken and

Keith are determined to reach the top one way or another.

ICU - Cant Do That -

ICU - Spaceship -

ICU - Keep Goin -

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