Blog: Stefan Aaron is Doing the Undoable!

Submitted by afroziky Dec. 22, 2011, 8:18 p.m.

Stefan Aaron is Doing the Undoable!

"Doing the Undoable" is a song about perseverance and believing in one's dreams. It is a message of encouragement. Many of us can easily be inspired by the song. It uplifts the spirit of the one who feels defeated, teaching us to never say never. The song is a reminder that anything is possible as long as we believe.

Equipped with a piano and his soothing voice, talented and passionate artist Stefan Aaron takes us to a beautiful melodic voyage. This is a very therapeutic ballad. Stefan nicely delivers and just like a breath of fresh air, the song refreshes spirit and soul.

The song "Doing the Undoable" was first performed on the peak of a 13800 ft high mountain in Switzerland making this the World Record of Highest piano performance. What a great example of doing something that most of us would think is impossible to achieve! This Highest piano performance is one of many more unexpected performances to come as part of Stefan Aaron's Orange Piano Tour. Stefan and his orange piano will be flown to unusual locations for exceptional never seen before performances. Stefan Aaron is doing more than singing, he is showing the world that we people are truly capable of greatness.


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