African Music Playlist: Vent Doux et Léger - Carlam playlist

Submitted by afroziky Nov. 4, 2010, 11:52 p.m.

Vent Doux et Léger - Carlam playlist

Here's a playlist that will show you the talent of the poet religious Carlam coming straight from Gabon. These songs are from the Maxi-single of five songs "Vent Doux et Leger"

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Native of Port-Gentil, the economic capital of Gabon, Carlam started music at 9 years old in various music groups performing in the contemporary urban gospel. He quickly falls in love with the lines in G minor, in F sharp minor or A minor, and he creates a unique style “new soul-world” in which he fuses pop, soul, jazz and many other genre and handles deftly his favorite instrument: his voice.

Carlam by Afroziky

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